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I know I did that, im just saying if he has to do that to get more hits on his website, well I dont think thats any better than people who spam, and put up false links that take you to porn sites. If we wanted to go his website we would.

Let me understand something here I change the link so that people like you can get my site news and find out about the other games that I am offering users and all of a sudden I am compared to porn peddlers?.....That is really weak man....you know we have to pay for registering these games and On my site I dont ask for anything..only that the users participate in the forums (I like it when people frequent my forums it lets me know how I am doing.It also gives me a way to let people know what is available on my site) it is designed so that those that want to participate in the forums and others online games may do so verry easily....if you havent noticed Funeral quest is by nature designed to generate web traffic..Now if it generates that traffic for a site that is doing nothing but offering free services to its users then where is the harm in that?...I have no pop-ups on my site and I am not trying to sell anything at all....I must say that I am deeply offended by youre comments..I think that perhaps in the future you give more consideratrion to other peoples feelings