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Quote[/b] (Deathstalker @ June 22 2003,7:41)]Just installed bingo night at btg thanks john it look great!!!
You're welcome. Of course, I sort of crashed Daisypark today while installing two new items. I'm going to swap out the current box (celeron 400 w. 96M of RAM) of a PIII 866 with 256M. The new machine should handle the load better.

The new mods are Body Armor and Brass Knuckles. These improve HP and Strength but wear out over time. It's a pretty good hack, I think. I stole the graphics from Google.

There are two other hacks I hope to get to: advertising (improves Turns, but eventually wears out) and Catacombs (under the Church lies a den of unspeakable horror ... and tags).

I'm still learning about the FQ scripting engine. [ Hey Seth, I don't think return works as quite right when you are several calls deep. When I fix my server, I'll send mail ] I think I can create an underworld without modifying the flash client and using the FQ scripting stuff. However, I may come up against some weird problems as the scripts get bigger and more complex. That's the fun of programming, I guess.