I bet half of you guys know WizKid in growtopia. He might be one of the richest people in growtopia along with RovSpy, GameGuyDK and the mods. Well anyways, So I became friends With PancakesRule... I bet you guys dont know him but I became friends with him while he was clearing my world, TRIPTOHEAVEN. So a little later after I finished the parkour at SKYJUMPS (First Parkour I Ever Beat) PancakesRule got online and I went to go see what he was doing. Apparently, He was clearing out a world ._. I probably could of guessed this... So I went there. The World was called WizKid items, PancakesRule was clearing it out 100 spaces by 100 spaces because WizKid was placing big locks and setting them to public. I started helping and I asked the owner: WizKid if he can help clear out my world. (Pancake didnt finish on my world LOL) So He said when were done with this one. He said he would pay everyone a World Lock (Ill Get To That) But Anyways... We finished with his world and we all respawned and WizKid gave away a world lock which I got. And then we all went to my world. When we were done clearing my world WizKid did just what he told us. GAVE US ALL A WORLD LOCK!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THATS HOW I BECAME FRIENDS WITH WIZKID... GO CHECK OUT HIS WORLD ITS CALLED WIZKIDITEMS