I am doing well in Growtopia, with a double saber in my hand xD, but is what it was like from the beginning. I was searching on the play store (android) for a 2d mine craft clone because I was board. Then I came across Growtopia and downloaded it. I had started playing, but people kept world locking my world and banning me and calling me noob. I had gotten scammed too. So I uninstalled it wanting to never come back, but then my friends in class said that they play it, so I started to play again, the second rollback was happening at the time so I got enough gems to afford a world lock. I was proud of my new world and started creating in it. After a while of playing, I figured out most scams. So I got what people call “rich” and stayed like that. I then got a freeze wand which I got to trade for a double. I have forever then loved Growtopia. Special thanks to OPNESSGG for helping me create a world and to viper129_960 for helping me as a noon (but viper was hacked for everything he had, so he is very sad right now). I also have recruited players: LPGOLD, CubeCrusher, prophecy123 and Daniel252. That is my story