Hi All,

I have a bit of a string question which is not related to Clanlib but you may have come up against a similar issue in the past. I have been creating a DirectX based 2D game engine which is coming on nicely. I have one major issue tho. I build my engine code which produces the .lib file for my actual applications to link to. When I create and build my application in debug mode, they are fine and run (except they wont run on a non development pc because there debug). Its the release build im having a problem with. The release build completes fine but when I start the application the window size is really strange (not the demensions I set it to) and then after a few seconds it crashes. Do I have to set up some properties in my application's release build to get it to work. I have set up all the linker dependencies for release that I do for debug. I dont really know where to look now.

Any help would be awesome,
Thanks guys