You may have been deleted for dupe accounts.

These players have been deleted recently for creating dupe accounts (having more than one play from the same computer)

Banaan (parlor name was banann Funerals)
Woox (parlor name was niggadigga)

And one more I can't remember, anyway, the FQ server said all three logged on from the same IP which is a no-no so all three were toasted. (it logs this if it happens, it also is able to sort the player list by IP, and even past IP's that they have used)

I'm going to add kind of a "Warn" feature in the future, should help in the cases were people honestly didn't understand they couldn't make dupes, etc.

Also: There are a few more that have raised the red flag, if you're using a dupe account, pick only one and stop using the other one and you may find both just gone.

I'd rather spend time on working on the game then babysitting the server to make sure it's a fair game so I generally just delete and don't ask questions or warn, faster that way.