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Thread: My Studies - The First Year.

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    Default My Studies - The First Year.

    Every year I'm going to a report on our community in general, like an annual thing.
    This year's subject: Drama, Friendships, "Fame".

    KIM I do not have time to write this all now, it's 10:19pm here. I will finish tommorow.

    First Subject - Drama

    - We all hate it, don't we. Some of us like to start it, most of us try to end it. The reason drama starts is absurd. The whole AngroX thing? A big, fat cover. Though I have to say, we handle it well.
    The only thing is that bugs me is that we Bring it up again and again.
    When drama is dead it's DEAD. That's why we had to hear the same old thing about Romeos and AngroX for an entire week. The Aqua - Crysthal - Affinity - Cynagoen thing? Well that was quite boring. What Seth meant drama to be was not "OOoh! So and so scammed me because of this and that stupid reason! Mods ban him plzplzplz". It was supposed to be something that has an effect on the community, something we need to discuss and work out ourselves. Not wait for the mods to baby us out on it. Such as the trade scammer. That was legit drama. The mods didn't close the thread because they wanted to see what WE would do. The reason our mods close threads is when they get out of hand. Well, this happens in every gaming community, I gotta admit.
    The beauty of this game is that it's so close to real life. We feel (well most of us) that we are really a part of maybe a big situation and we are the only ones to decide. We have turned down wanna-be hackers, scammers, haters, betrayers, and the list goes on and on.
    That's extraordinary!

    Alright, tommorow I'll continue.
    I hope the hate train will be late.
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    its just a prank bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geography View Post
    You're an amazing reporter!
    i know right! we shud be politicians! IN GROWTOPIA!
    I'm on Discord as Ultrum#7689, have fun
    Allies or no allies?

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    People keep telling me I'd make a good lawyer ._. + I was voted as one of the best speakers of 2013. Fact is I am way more shy/less outgoing IRL so not a good career choice...

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    Nice. This actually does happen alot but there's more than meets the eye. Deeper research might help... And some theories. Here's some of my studies: Magical Thread of Studies (And unicorns).
    Even though there wasn't many feedback ._.
    Also the image thing was a bad idea xD

    Get your Cursor Out Of Mah Face

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