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Thread: Patch: Input outside of gui windows (GUIWindowManagerTexture & GUIManager)

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    Default Patch: Input outside of gui windows (GUIWindowManagerTexture & GUIManager)

    In my project, I need to be able to detect clicks and mouse movement also in the empty space between GUI windows. In the current svn version of ClanLib 2.3, this is not possible.
    Thus, I created the attached patch, which introduces a new Callback to CL_GUIManager, that is invoked whenever input outside of GUI components happens. The callback is mostly invoked on mouse events, because key presses are still redirected to the active window. However, if there are no windows on the screen (or no active window), also key events can be handled with this function.

    The behaviour of the GUI (focus, etc) is still the same, the patch just gives the user an opportunity to react to such events. The only change is (in my opinion) a bugfix: In the current svn version, if the cursor leaves a GUI window and enters free space, func_pointer_exit is not invoked. This is changed with the patch.

    I tested all GUI examples, and they were working as before.


    edit: Sorry, the patch file was a bit malformed. Corrected version is attached.
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