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    Default SergeON, Smedam, and Hasegt Cp transferring

    I'm fudge and maybe YY is one of serges cp transfer accounts. Everytime he gets his mom tanked Id account pink he will make an id for it and call it sergeon1. Recently the one I saw him make after he got maybes Yy pink, he won an MVP with it and it was the sergeon106. This imply that there are 106 of his cp transfer accounts. You can confirm this by finding his 106 accounts in rankings. Everytime I play someday and one of serges accounts, serges side account will team up and let smedam kill me. This is because I'm better then them both and still win half the time when they are doing that. It's not fair and makes the game no fun. The screenshots are proof of smedam beleiveing me that I was one of serges side accounts and smedam let me win thinking I was SergeON. Smedam is also Hasegt, he has proved it to me and different people on multiple occasions. It is obserd that the number one player in the world can get 600000+ points by cp transferring and not getting caught. If this isn't proof I don't know what is. Ban smedam, hasegt, and SergeON. Awesomek9 also transfers. Don't have proof of that yet. The first screenshot shows maybe YY (serge) right after making the ID after getting pink.
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    ***udge!!!!! ITwasntME...

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