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    Hey everyone,

    I'm creating this thread so that players can report TRULY PROBLEMATIC PLAYERS.

    Please see the rules section on the front page of the game to understand who to report.

    If you want to report someone, please provide a screenshot of the offense to prove your case. If a screenshot was not taken or the offense is something that you can not take a screenshot of (e.g. someone who consistently leaves team games), please report the player's name and 2 letter ID along with an explanation of what they did.

    There are certain offenses that are completely unacceptable while there are certain offenses that are "annoying" but acceptable...up to a certain point. Providing proof of multiple instances of the same player breaking the rules would be helpful to differentiate a player that consistently breaks the rules versus one-time occurrences. This will help identify these players so that the appropriate action can be taken.

    Please stay on topic in this thread, otherwise, it will degenerate quickly and become ineffective.
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