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Thread: Moving an image around under a touch

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    Default Moving an image around under a touch

    I am playing around with the TouchTestComponent to try better understand the entity/component framework. I am trying to get image/texture to show upon a touch, move around during the touch and then disappear. I am having limited success.

    Is there an example of this I am missing?

    Found this posting, but not able to apply this tidbit.

    I am adding an entity variable to the TouchObject and trying to create and destroy based upon the messagetype coming into the OnInput. So far still missing something.
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    Well, there should be no problem doing bitmaps instead of filled squares. I can't really see what's wrong without code but...

    Keep in mind that if you add entities, they aren't going to draw unless they are A, added as a child to an entity that has draw focus, or B, you add draw focus to them.

    Another way would be to just init a Surface and blit it yourself instead of the rect here:

    void TouchTestComponent::DrawTouch(uint32 touchID, CL_Vec2f vPos)
    	DrawFilledSquare(vPos.x, vPos.y, 40, m_touch[touchID].m_color, true);
    	GetBaseApp()->GetFont(FONT_SMALL)->Draw(vPos.x-5, vPos.y-20, toString(touchID), MAKE_RGBA(0,0,0,255)); //<-- change this to something else
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    Default Like this?

    void TouchTestComponent:rawTouch(uint32 touchID, CL_Vec2f vPos)
    Surface *pSurf = new Surface();

    This seems to get me what I need. I was trying to this:

    Entity *pBG = CreateOverlayEntity(GetParent(), "MyEnt", "", vPos.x,vPos.y);

    which left a trail of images all over the place.

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    Default Even better ...?

    void TouchTestComponent::DrawTouch(uint32 touchID, CL_Vec2f vPos)
    SurfaceAnim *pSurfAnim = GetResourceManager()->GetSurfaceAnim("interface/Cobbles_grey_VL.rttex");

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