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Thread: New upgrade plan

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    Default New upgrade plan

    okay I have a new idea for any body thts new to the game how bout we have power up for people wit low cp lets say I'm new to a game and this is all new to me and I go agaist some greens and I lose and when I get below a certain amout cp I get a tank boost to help me noweven wit the macthing system and the beeginers looby there's many ways to lose and I am just faling at every battle I below ? ( vote for the amount) of cp and I think that the playe should get a tank boost till I make it past the certain amout of cp then I lose my boost but at least I have some experience so now I know how to fight now you may say o well thts so over powerd well a he dosent know the maps and b it's not like if I had the boost ability I would go against a 600 cp person so I think this well get more people playing this game and help the not so good players out

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    So they will learn to get better by using their extra skill, and then fail again when they lose the advantage. You seem to be saying that even with the beginners lobby they still lose. But those good players will eventually leave the beginners lobby, and the lower players are left to fend for themselves. The beauty of having little points is so that you can lose them while you learn how to play, and then win them back. Plus, other players in the beginners lobby might get mad that others get powerful, and then a big old jealousy thing would start. Nobody should get special treatment for anything. Everyone should be equal, and have the same opportunities to get what everyone else does.
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