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Thread: World Name Changer?

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    Default World Name Changer?

    Hello fellow Growtopians. Ever created an amazing world and suddenly HATED the name of it? Well, obviously theres no way of transporting your current world to a new, fresh world with a brand new name. Growtopia has created a username changer that all users can use once every 30 days, so why cant we have a world name changer? You can use a world name changer once every 30 days and I would suggest it being between 5,000-10,000 gems, but no higher. I believe many will enjoy creating a fresh name for their world if ever they come to hate their old one, or simply want the other name to be forgotten.
    Just think about it, admins. Many growtopians are bound to purchase these, which will definitely add a few extra bucks to your paychecks every week! Well, thats all I have to say. Sincerely, DrRed

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    Wow!! I actually think this is a great idea! Keep it up

    Thank you Sandrrrr for making this fantastic signature!

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