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Thread: Casino Mod Ideas

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    Well, after spending like two hours poking around Flash MX, I figured out how to make a Casino building. It has the best Flash Art of All Time (its the church, but with a dollar sign where the cross is).

    Anyway, I need some ideas for what to put in it. Right now I'm thinking Blackjack and Slot Machines. But I'm not sure what the prizes should be...

    Possible Slot Machine Prizes (note: you can use a wood (1), silver (2), or gold (4) tag in the slot machine... multiply the prizes by the tag value):
    50% = Nothing
    30% = 1 BP
    10% = 1 wood tag (so you get your tag back)
    10% = 2 wood tags (get double tags back)
    5% = 1 lockpick
    3% = 3 luck
    1% = 1 turn
    1% = 1 HP

    If those sound too weak or unbalanced, let me know.

    And I can't think of any prizes for Blackjack... maybe just BP?

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    an extra visit

    oh and you do know that adds up to 110%

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