In E-Z Oven or Labratory drop 1 Dragon Hand,2 Tramsongs,200 Lava blocks after you make there will be a message it will say "Would you like a Ember Molten Dragon or a Godzilla dragon"Ok so you pick on you click on the box on the bottom that you want.

What they do
Ember Molten Dragon-Is a dragon that light up whenever it moves it has a slim chance of dropping a "Heat rock" when it breaks blocks?It also is like a h bow but it dosnt pull it expands range of punching(in this case burning)by 1.

Heat rock-can be used on science stations once evrey 1 week to make them give all 5 chemicals instantly(1 of each)

Godzilla Dragon-A dragon that is green and is almost tall as you it walk and breathes fire but it punches players away farther and expands range by 1 like molten dragon,it has a slim chance of dropping a Godzilla powder a 5-10% out of a block(the 5-10% depends on how much you used him)

Godzilla powder-gives you luck for 20 minutes