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Thread: BP and catch up ???

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    I enjoy the game for some time now, however I left for a convention and did not play for eight days, I had a strength of 13 when I left, I was attacked every day for 8 days, NOW the strength level is 5 !!! The cost of strength did not go down with my rating, it will cost 30 Gold Tags for 1 increase. In the meantime each attack will lower the strength even more. It will take about 3 days to acquire 30 Gold Tags.

    I see no way in catching up.

    May I suggest that the cost of strength be equal to the current level. Otherwise there is no way to catch up, if your attacked every day by the competition, and attacking every else seems to be the only goal in the game.


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    You may have been another victim of the game host of the server you play on, not the other players in the game. There are at least two we know of that are editing thier players, this is only possible from the server side; the game host.
    One host has admitted to his woes, he was editing players so others would benifit - not honest at all.
    It is bad enought that the players cheat at the game, it is worse when the game host assists in the cheating.

    On another issue you bring up a good point that if your strength or hit points go down, so should the cost to aquire more. I agree with you on this.



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