I find that the PSY is important but have no incentive to waste tags on going beyond PSY10.

I think it would be good to learn a new skill every third level:

level 3 - new skill
level 6 - new skill
level 9 - new skill
level12- new skill
level15- new skill

This sure would make me pay more attention to PSY.

Also I think better more informative description of the courses, and how they would benifit you, something to read by clicking on them would be nice - not needed but a nice feature.

Advertising, Marketing, Sociology, Human Behavior or Funeral Parlor Management course(s) could be added as well to increase your knowledge and benifit you in some way.

Perhaps, even after taking ALL courses you can pay for a *degree* even this could have 3 - 4 levels as well.

*refresher* course(s) could be applied for after a long time period as you age and start forgetting or perhaps just a refresher to learn whats new in that field?

A lock picking course could prevent or lessen the damage of a broken lock pick, maybe it did not break this time or perhaps it would be necessary to USE the lockpick?

example fault message: "your amature attempt at lock picking resulted in your arrest and a broken lock pick - you spend the night in jail"

A course in criminology could provide the twins some insider tips to do a more sucessful arson job or increase the possibilty of success by a little bit (20% -> 33%)?
* increasing these odds from 1-5 to 1-3 is great incentive to take the course!!

Seasons Greetings,