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    Hey Seth!

    Wow, it sure is neat to see you still going. I still recall fondly the days of playing planets and LoRD!

    I found your site while looking around for any sort of 3rd party web based games to stick on my own site.

    Basically, I have a couple questions/issues to bring up...

    For one thing, $99 is a pretty reasonable price. It's odd to me that it is only a license for a one year time period though... most software you purchase and then own. I guess this is more a business decision on your part though, so... to each their own... just thought I'd mention it, as it is somewhat of a discouragement.

    My other question is in regards to the 400 user limit, with only 20 at a time. Is there any particular reason for these limitations? It makes it difficult to use your software on a moderately successfull site with these limitations. 20 users is VERY few, and a 400 user maximum would hardly fill the needs for most user bases on any site... Anything short of gaming with friends/VERY small communities wouldn't work. Is there any other sort of an offer, without these limitations? Are there technical reasons for this? Is there anything planned to remedy this?

    In any event, like I said, it's really cool to see you're still out there coding! I'm sure there are a LOT of people who would love to stumble across this site that just don't know about it yet!

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    I believe the user limits are done to promote efficiency. I routinely play on a server with a maximum of 6 people at a time, and I really notice that it lags quite a bit when 6 people are online.

    Of course, that's probably running off of a Cable/DSL modem. But you can't just upload the FQ server to any web host and run it, you have to run it just like any normal windows program, which I don't think is possible on too many high-end servers (especially linux ones ).

    You might want to try e-mailing Seth for answers to your other questions, as I don't think he visits these forums as often as he used to.

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    Those limits are just something that came off the top of my head.

    If a server had the $99 version and found 20 users at once (or the 400 in one game) too contstraining, I'd be willing to up it for him.

    I just want to reserve the right to use those limits, in case I sell an "unlimited" license to a large server or something like that later.

    And yeah, like redink said, there are of course technical limits based on bandwidth and computer (which I'm not sure of), but internally (in the exe) there are no hardcoded limits. (except the limits of the license you purchase, which is controlled from my end)
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