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Thread: Insanity Boy's Demo Server

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    redink1 : Keep geting the same error everyday..whenever my server crashes the same error seems to be the source of the crash.....please help players are getting frustrated....I beleive it might be linked to the casino mod...please advise

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    Well I'm taking the server offline for a while, maybe I'll write a god mod, tho who knows when...

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    You're doing what?!?! Taking the server offline... You can't do this to me! Where will I get my turns? I need my fix. Daily!

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    come on man you just put youre server up...why take it down you have good bandwidth and reaction time is mint......

    wel I think that I might have found the trouble on my server. I had suspected that it might be the keyhearse script so I disabled far no lets see what happens.

    I was thinking that I might want to increase the number of turns a player gets what do you think..Dor and IB?

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    I was just running it to get everyone’s passwords so I could kill them on the other servers


    hmmm, the turns is a problem, some ppl don't like too many turns, whereas DoR would play 1000+ a day

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    Turns! Turns! Turns! Turns! *turns and gets dizzy*

    Okay, while I wait for the room to stop spinning...

    I find that 20 turns is a good amount. That way I can have 30 after getting the fancy car, and so... It's enough for me to have a healthy dosage, while others don't feel overwhelmed.

    Turns! Turns! Turns! Turns! *spins faster and faster until she runs into a wall* Ouch!

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    hmm that works for the way I just picked up the cpu fan so I can finally start loading the New Os on the New server.......heheeeheh!!!

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    Is this why your server is down, D?

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