Hey, I was so determined to upload pics to my album, so i was tampering with my phone and I FOUND OUT HOW TO UPLOAD PICTURES FROM YOUR PHONE... I have an Android so it may not work but the website should be the same on any device. So what I did is I went to my album and clicked "Upload Pictures" and it may take a while (if you don't have wifi) and a little window popped up, and in the top right corner it said "Add Files" so i clicked that and then a smaller screen pops up and at the bottom it should say "Select Files" and on my phone (Android HTC EVO 3D) a black screen pops up and says ">Image Files" and I clicked that and all my pictures from my phone came up. So if you guys didn't know how to upload I hope this helps! Its just like what you have to do from the computer but on a smaller screen well thanks you guys!!! Hope this comes to use for you guys!