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Thread: malcolm - new clanlib whatever.

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    Default malcolm - new clanlib whatever.

    hi guys,

    iam new to using clanlib (~two months) but already delivered a TV host/4-contestants questionnaire game.
    its an 8 stations networked system. 4 contestants apps, one host app, one wall-screen app, one TV director app, and one server application.
    all apps except host app and server play many png-based videos (sprites).
    Host app drives game events like showing question, showing options, showing results.. while server link and updates all.
    each contestant app has 4 huge physical buttons (A,B,C,D) for player choice (rewired a 6 button mouse as a controller).

    ClanLib is great fun, i hope i can participate in its success.

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    Sounds like a cool setup!

    Do you have any screenshots?



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