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Thread: The Future of Tanked!

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    Lightbulb The Future of Tanked!

    Let me start off by saying, Tanked WAS one of my favorite games. I remember 4-5 years ago when I first started playing the game was packed with players, and it was so much fun. Over the years Tanked has really died out, and I understand your reasons. I understand that you focused on Growtopia, because it was your most popular game. I know that you still help Ubisoft with GT, but now since the weight is of your shoulders, Can you please update Tanked? Maybe even upload a new game youve been working on. I hope with the "free time" you now possess you can shed some light on Tanked. If this is impossible, Have you ever conisdered selling Tanked.

    Some Ideas for the Game!
    Guilds/ Clans/ Whatever you wanna call them! Unlike Supercell clans the max # of people should be 15 people not 50.
    New Tanks!
    New Game Modes - INCOMING SUPERCELL COPYRIGHT ALERT - These are all ideas used by Supercell in their new game, but they would fit in Tanked.
    - Bounty : For every kill you get a point, If you die you lose all your points, and the other team gets them all.
    - Boxes Mode ( Called Smash n Grab in Brawl Stars ) : Collect Boxes. If you die all the boxes drop in the area you died. Team to get get 10 boxes, and maintain it for 30 seconds wins!
    -Capture the Flag - Self Explanatory -
    New Maps : More maps, lol. Self Explanatory.

    Thats all for today.
    In new to Forums.
    Not new to Tanked.
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    God no.

    Please no.

    Except more maps.

    That'd be cool.
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