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    Hi God,

    here it is, i'm currently swamped with work, so i'll post this first and i will update this in the next 3 days or so.
    English is not my first language, so will probably need you to fix the grammar, typos here and there.

    ----Working in progress info---

    The M3


    M3 is the default standard tank for the game. It is well balanced in armour speed and fire power. This is the tank available for you to use when you first start your tanked journey!
    Although it looked weak, in the hand of skilled driver this tank will do wonders!
    So... practice, practice & practice!

    To master an m3 you need to know it limitations and it strengths.. here are some of the key points you need to be aware of:

    Easy to drive & have decent amount of armour. Although it is slower than some of the other tanks, it makes shooting with M3 easier. You will need to practice on your shooting accuracy (not missing a single shot) and to shoot precisely at reloads. If you are able to master these two things you are on par with some of the fancier tanks such as M4, Skull & Dink. You have a chance to even beat a RTsoft as long as its not head to head. Panzer will be easy to beat as it has less armour than M3.

    Best Map:
    Since M3 doesn't have any special fire-power or armour, Arena is the best map to play it with. There are plenty of walls to hide, while you shoot at your opponents. Use these walls as protection against the fancier tanks such as skull, m4, fatty, and RTS.
    Play smart by taking cover around these walls, and be cautious not to move to an open area as you will be the target of other tanks.

    Best Mode:
    Team games, against various tanks.

    Ok, I may made it look that M3 is an excellent tank to use, but the reality is that it is the standard tank on the game. It has standard speed, armour, and fire power. But don't be discouraged, you can make a decent killing once you know how to use this tank.

    Combat Style / Strategy:
    You need to be able to adapt to various circumstances.

    Don't be afraid to go head to head with these tank:
    1. Spider: it will take 6 hits to kill a spider, but it also take a spider 6 Hits to kill a M3. When you are head to head with a spider, and he is charging at you, do not retreat unless he is using a shield. Its because spider is faster then M3. If you have mastered shooting with M3, battle it by driving sideways / around the opponent while shooting at it without missing a single shot. If you do that you have a good chance to win that battle.

    2. Panzer: as it will only take you 3 hit to kill a panzer, this is the tank you should look for for an easy battle.

    3. M4: from the latest update of M4, it is harder to kill a M4, but it is possible!
    Use similar tactics as fighting with a Spider.

    4. Skull: it takes Skull 2 shots to kill a M3, but you can also easily kill a skull with 2 hits. If you see a skull going towards you, do not run as it is faster than you and you will probably get killed. It is better if you take your chances to shoot it down before it shoots you! I have played with different devices, although each different devices are different, use the crosshair in your screen to determine your tank shooting range, and this will determine when you should push that red fire button. This is the KEY to win a battle against a skull!

    Tanks to watch for:
    Fatty: if you see a fatty on team games, do not approach it! even if you have 3 shields, is it worth to throw away 3 shields to battle it?
    1 vs 1, Fatty, Solo: Don't be afraid! you can actually win this battle, Fatty is slow, so collect all the crates and be patient. However do not try to fight it in "Hedge Maze", this in the one stage that is almost impossible to win against a fatty.

    RTsoft : Compared to M3 this tank has advantages in speed and firepower, but understanding it weakness will allow a M3 to win against a RTsoft. RTsoft actually has the same armour as a M3. Meaning it takes also 6 shots to take down a RTsoft. Head on it is hard to win, but if you catch a RTsoft off guard, it is actually possible to take it down.

    Dink: Similar with a RTsoft, it takes 6 shot to take dink down, use similar approach against a dink. Dink shoots very fast therefore if possible do not fight it head to head, as their shots will stun you making the M3 harder to shoot.

    Love: I usually consider love tank as low priority left it alone, but you need to be aware of its position incase it shoots a beagle at you.

    You made it!, Now some extra tip to make you better at driving your tank.
    1. Don't just tap that fire button rapidly! Aim at the enemy and only shoot if you are sure that it will hit the enemy, this will involve landing the first hit (see explanation about how to fight skull using the cross hair).
    2. When you sneaks in, do not shoot the enemy while it is using its armour, shooting at it will make the enemy aware of your location.
    3. Do not just drive your tank. The position & angle of how you drive the tank is also very important. imagine if you are hiding behind the wall but the enemy can see part of your tank body and shoot at you.
    These tank driving position / angle is very useful when you are playing in Hedge Maze.
    4. learn the shield sounds, and you will know when the shields are about to end. Time it well and shoot a beagle at them!
    5. Scout often, this is probably one of the most important tips that can improve your playing. Scout often by rotating your turret, knowing the position of the enemy is the key to getting a lot of kills. Eg By scouting, you can find several enemies and sneaks at them for easy kills.
    6. if you see dontshoot, dont-shoot at him
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    This is awesome! I knew all this stuff, but if a noob were to read this he would certainly benefit HUGELY. Well done.

    (No major grammar errors I noticed either.)

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    Fantastic!!!! thanks DONT! This is a perfect example of how it should look like
    If you see me in game...hide

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    Quote Originally Posted by god View Post
    Fantastic!!!! thanks DONT! This is a perfect example of how it should look like
    no prob God

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