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Thread: Blurry fonts (2.3.x)

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    Question Blurry fonts (2.3.x)

    Haven't visited ClanLib project pages for a long time since "Return to Classics" quest release. Just decided to rebuild it with latest ClanLib and boost libraries versions (I also re-downloaded external ClanLib dependencies). Everything is fine except one thing: all fonts have become blurry. Have a look:

    Name:  old2.png
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    Name:  new2.png
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    Name:  old1.png
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    Name:  new1.png
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    I've noticed that something has changed in win32 font renderers, but I'm not sure, what's causing this issue. I haven't much time now to sort this out... Any ideas how to fix this?

    P.S. Using ClanLib 2.3.6. Checked all 2.3.x versions, each has the same issue. Seems that ClanLib examples has the same issue (blurry letters). ClanLib 2.2.12 is fine.

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    ClanLib 2.3 has subpixel aliasing enabled by default:

    void CL_FontDescription::set_subpixel  ( bool  setting = true  )   
    Sets the font subpixel rendering setting (defaults to true).
    Therefore, to disable it - use "desc.set_subpixel(false)" in the font description when creating the font.

    The subpixel aliasing works wonders, unless the font is stretched, rotated or used on a framebuffer object in certain situations.

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    Thanks! Now I will search, how I can turn subpixel rendering off for all fonts in GUI themes...

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