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    Dont Know about youguys But I would really like to see something done with The Church.....something seth anything but we need something in know like buy youre way into heaven or (The Church puts youre funeral parlor on the list of parlors authorized to offer heaven..) or something like that....

    also store options:
    Buy more chemicals for youre funeral parlor....leading way to a new random run out of funeral parlor suplys you lose x number of bp's this should even up the balance a little more....also use some of those gold tags.....

    How about on the steal option when visiting another parlor you add the option of(you got busted and spend the night in lose x number of BP) hey that would add even more balance....
    Now About the ISSue of New players not being able to come from behind....What can be done to remedy this?
    Lets all strive to make our funeral quest servers the best that they can be......

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    In response to the "what can new players do to get ahead issue" I can think of only one answer, and nobody on the top will like it. You get ten or so lower players to yang a certain player. No matter what, that will bring that player’s luck down and deprive the player of any chance of wining risk events. The bad part of this answer is that it is kind of rude. One shouldn’t use yangs as simply tools to dethrone someone. So what can one do to level the playing field?

    One option that I’m thinking of is that you can use advertisement, on the church’s bulletin board, to get more rich people to visit your parlor. Likewise you could spend money on ads that would be malicious and maybe decrease the number of rich people that visit a player’s parlor. Of course if you advertise too much maybe God will get pissed at you and strike you down in the middle of a battle.

    Another idea is that there should be Karma. If you spend all your yangs giving people cursed dragons and always attack people, then your karma goes down and only pissed people visit you. So you can choose how you want to play the game, do you want to be nice and hope that karma will swing things your way, or will you be cutthroat and try to be so good that karma won’t effect you? The tough part about this idea is that it will be tough to balance the karma well enough so that karma doesn’t become the most important aspect of the game.

    Those are my two ideas about ways we can level the playing field without resorting to questionable yang tactics. What do you guys think?

    Forgive me for my grammer, It's late at night.

    --Heretic Man. Hey, it's better than being an Infidel!

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