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Thread: Seth.Beta (creepy pasta)

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    Once me and my real life friends Michael and Christian were playing growtopia then we were approached by this absurd looking charcter and then my phone started to have static then it turned back on it said in bold Play Growtopiathen I went on growtopia I saw some creepy labratory I saw all the mods @Seil,@Jens,etc then I woke up finding out it was a dream.I saw mass chaos in growtopia for 2 weeks no mods at all then I found out it was collective consiosness but I heard a mod say the world is the world nobody ever comes to anymore rapidly and they had helmets in the dream I saw this scene in like a place but I dnt remember then I saw my friend he didn't talk he only was farming dirt oddly in the same pattern same movements for about 5 hours then he finally texted he asked Hiiii then I ran for the white door knowing he never speaks or writes ever like that in growtopia or real life then Seth came I begged him to help then Seth didn't help he was laughing in a rythim like the code for the world the mods are on then I went to my beach Lordbeach I found out my water is green my worlds background was very peculiar it was a shade of orange and purple.

    Then I went outside leaving my phone in my pocket I went to the drug store to buy some water then before I could even open the door my magicjack had a noise then it said caller Unknown I answered and a voice said "Look at your house" then I did and O my god the house was leaking and on fire then I called 911 they said the house had a blunt object with a note saying You have been warned I left to a military bunker then I slept I went back to the same dream there was a new mod called @Soul
    he was chanting the say way he spoke in the phone then my future self came and brought me to the future there was another new mod called @LordofEarth(me) I suddenly found a bazooka and blown up my phone then I found a guy just there standing there he never spoke just stared at me for like 4 hours never blinking

    The end?

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    I don't what was scarier, your grammar or the story itself .

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