So I then shot the guy with a missile then I found a grow ball then I found a wild Prosilent it was a dark type and I caught it then me and my Prosilent growemon battled the mods then I found a box that said play me then I did and there was a shreak then I found 2 Uzis then I found enemies then I shot them with the Uzis then it lost all ammo then I found a UPS truck I drove it into some noob with a dirt block and it exploded the noob and the truck I used physic powers to discriminate the dirt it had a mod soul I saw it closer it said @Plays soul then I went to a cultist merchant and tried to buy 200 mystery chems then he said more im like this is so overpay then I threw @Plays soul at the cultists face then I mugged his stuff and made my self my Frankenstien Leash called Bolty then I picked up the soul then I gave Prosilent some Ninja clothes same with Bolty then I wore the cultists clothes I then realized I have access to the absurd area then I found the mods I saw Seth with a Sabertooth Growtopian face on then I came up to him like the other cultists and I threw Bolty and Prosilent at Seth then Bolty punched Seth and Prosilent threw angelrangs at Seth then we battled Hamumu then he sent out a yerfdog then I found poke balls I threw them at the yerfdog and dipped yerfdog in lava then Hamumu weakened then he became ashes then I broke down the doors and found all the other souls Plays soul talked it said hblwbababa44 farmed sum dirt and some tomatoes and he was spamming so I broke the dirt then I threw the other souls at the mods then I became the new dev with the other dev my pet frankenstien Bolty then I made free gems week for evreyone if you buy gems you get infinite then I banned a mod /troll then I hired a dirt seed as a mod

The end or is it