I've stated this thread in reference to players with problems and frustration over upgrade to better tanks.
A number of players have been feeling frustrated at the fact they can not compete with some of the more powerful tanks...ie Rt,fatty.
Despite being good players there income won't allow them the money to buy better tanks(example students/school ),in this case they may well have very good skills maybe even better than some higher ranks yet are being wiped out by more powerful tanks.
Can anyone provide a solution to this problem,as it is clear it is upsetting the players,and more important they feel like leaving when say they have lost 1000s of cp in a short time despite being confident there playing ability is good.
Granted points can of course be earned,but some calculations can provide very long time periods to gain enough to upgrade there tank.......so they end up in a catch 22 situation,that being tremendous playing skills but maybe just not quite enough tank power to get there.? Any ideas ....thoughts......