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Thread: Sugestion: The tournament room

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    Talking Sugestion: The tournament room

    Hey all fellow tankers. What about making a tournament room to have tournament in. In this room we could be ranked based on a win- loose ratio. Also there would be no points in this room just wins or looses. Also no second place win. Just first place would win in the tournament room. Say this goes on for a range of 3 weeks to a month. At the end of the month say the top 5 or so have tournament against each other. Like for a week to see who will be crowned the champion and get maybe a couple thousand or so for winning! Also at the end of the four weeks or month no one gets locked out when the final five are left. Hope you find this interesting and add it soon Seth.
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    would you still play if not all the final 5 were online and in the room? If yes, the the idea sounds good to me, a good way to show ur true strength and get cp fast too

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