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Thread: Issue with server connection

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    Default Issue with server connection

    Hey all, I'm slowly learning ClanLib and doing an old tutorial ( as part of the process. I am down to the part where I have created the client and server to test connecting. I am using ClanLib 3.0.1, so I made the necessary changes to get rid of syntax errors. However, when I go to build the project, I receive the following error:

    1>c:\development\environment\clanlib\include\clanl ib\core\signals\slot_container.h(105): error C2660: 'clan::Signal_v2<Param1,Param2>::connect' : function does not take 2 arguments
    1> with
    1> [
    1> Param1=clan::NetGameConnection *,
    1> Param2=const std::string &
    1> ]
    1> c:\users\matthew\documents\visual studio 2010\projects\clanlibtest\clientservertest\server. cpp(8) : see reference to function template instantiation 'void clan::SlotContainer::connect<clan::Signal_v2<Param 1,Param2>,Server,clan::NetGameConnection*>(SigClas s &,Class *,void (__thiscall Server::* )(Param1))' being compiled
    1> with
    1> [
    1> Param1=clan::NetGameConnection *,
    1> Param2=const std::string &,
    1> SigClass=clan::Signal_v2<clan::NetGameConnection *,const std::string &>,
    1> Class=Server
    1> ]
    I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on here, and why the project will not build. The lines in question are in the constructor:

        slots.connect(network_server.sig_client_connected(), this, &Server::on_client_connected);
        slots.connect(network_server.sig_client_disconnected(), this, &Server::on_client_disconnected);
        slots.connect(network_server.sig_event_received(), this, &Server::on_event_received);
    Is anyone able to tell me what I need to change?

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    void Server::on_client_disconnected(NetGameConnection *connection, const std::string &message)

    "const std::string &message" was added at some point

    Sorry for slow reply, for some reason your post was "moderated" waiting for approval

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