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Thread: Flash Escape Sequences

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    Well, I am having a little trouble with fixing a bug with
    the Di-Mart Guns mod. I have some news blurbs that randomly pop up sometimes after a certain item is bought at Di-Mart and apparently they are taking on the color of other texts before them.

    I've already correct the bug that colors the text, but I need to find out what the escape sequence for black is, as it is not included in Joe Johnston's documentation. I've tried all of the ones below (from jjohn's webpage) and also some diffrent ones to no avail.

    `0 light green text
    `1 dark blue text
    `2 dark green text
    `3 cyan text
    `4 red text
    `5 purple text
    `6 brown text
    `7 light gray text
    `8 dark gray text
    `9 light blue text
    `w white text
    `y yellow

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    `^ is black. `f<number> changes size of the font.

    `&#33;, `@ and `# are colors too.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    I&#39;ve got it the way it should be now...

    Thanks Seth...

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