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Thread: FQ freezing up

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    Oh man. I just starting playing and when i play, it's fine but alot of the times when i press a button it shows the little loading thing and the game stops responding and doesn't go to the next screen or let me press buttons. every time i have to refresh! Please helP! I have a DSL connection, it happens on all servers, and i have Flash 6.

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    sounds like you have youre firewall configured improperly double check and make sure your isp is not using a proxy server.......thats all I can think of....
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    I'm having pretty much the same problem with my game and I don't use a proxy at all

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    Try clearing the cache. I believe this may be mentioned somewhere in the troubleshooting section of the documentation.
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    I'm having the same problem. I have a cable connection, don't use a proxy, have just cleared my cache and have recently run scandisk/defrag.

    I can't play with all this freezing up. Help!

    I should also say that this is happening on all machines on my network, and is a very recent problem.

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    I have recently seen this behavior too. Even if I close all of my EI browsers, I'm unable to immediately rejoin the game. I need to boot my character off from the FQ server. I don't believe this is a firewall or caching issue. My client PC and server are not only on the same network, but the same hub! Perhaps the FQ server can't service a request in time or there is a deadlock condition somewhere. It's clear that there are a few minor bugs in the flash client. I wish I could be more helpful.



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