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    Every program that you've made seth has had some sort of scripting environment. I thought that it would help to add one to this program as well pref in C++ .

    I have this page and it's coded in flash. Now if I could dload the flash page and check the size of it, I could possibly see if there was a change within the macromedia flash page. Same thing with java (not javascript) programs.

    I also have this page at Now the regular guy might think that if he just puts that link in then it will check for both the goto.html bar and the vote bar but it wont. However if I wrote a little spider program that would look for and follow <frame SRC="goto.html"> then I could just add that one page and let the spider do the rest of the work for me.

    Anyway, just some suggestions that might make this program even more powerful than it is even though it's pretty good as it is now.

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    Yes, a spider feature that you "check links X deep" would be a powerful feature.

    I'll keep this in mind, for now, you COULD check for content changes on that flash page by directly checking the swf at

    About scripting: I do have a light weight scripting system that I could plug-in but I don't think at the moment there are enough internal actions/triggers in Toolfish to really make it worthwhile, but this is definately on the maybe list.
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    That would be great! Another thing I wanna do is add a logical statement that when I press a set of keys then it would trigger the pages that was updated to automatically popup while when those sets of keys are triggered off then that event wouldn't occur.

    Reason why, well right now I could create two sets of the same event and do this but that would be an inconvenience for me.

    When I'm around surfing the web then I want to have the pages come up when their updated however when I'm playing a game doing something important then I just want it to say that the page was updated.

    Anyway, just something to think about in the future :-)

    - cneal

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