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Thread: Quick feedback for why I won't be buying

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    Just a few points
    * Too short a demo (What ever happened to "trial is 3 days"? Ends after day 1 here), you don't really get into the game beyond learning how to mow lawns on the two maps. For all we know, that's all there is, similar maps and no other gameplay of note.
    * Too expensive. Sure, 20$ isn't too much, but for a game about mowing lawns? From an independant developer (who don't have any costs but website+time)?
    * Attitude. Yes, attitude is important to me. I'd rather give my money to an independant developer that tries to break with the tradition for selling games. Such small details as the nag screen when you quit the demo for instance really puts me off.

    I'm probably not in the target group for this kind of game, and my advice may fall on deaf ears, but if any of these points had been better, I'd probably buy the game, even if it was short-term entertainment.

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    I appreciate the feedback.

    I'm not happy with the demo myself - part of the problem is it was just too big, each lawn uses quite a lot of textures and 3d models, just couldn't afford the bandwidth so it was cut down. It's not an easy game to make a demo for, as right away many lawns are supposed to be available other wise it ruins the variety.. (5 days playing the same 2 lawns would not be fun)

    You think the nag screen is too pushy? Haven't heard that before.

    As for price, it's $17 right now and it was not cheap to develop. I suggest checking out my freeware, like Dink or Tarzan.
    Seth A. Robinson
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