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    I got a question to ask. If a page has 2% change and the next day it has a 3% change. Is that considered a 5% change or does it actually need to change that much durring the 6hrs. The reason why I ask that is because I have my own website which is a geocities on there and it said that it changed 2%. Prob some ad popup or something

    "10-15 - 10:01 AM: Page not triggered. (2% change (5% required)) ( (2,289 b)

    Also, a suggestion There should be a right click copy button popup for the activity log so people whom don't know about the ctrl+c will be able to copy things out of the log easily.

    - cneal

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    Toolfish only 'resets' a page after it has been successfuly triggered. (at that point it copies it to its internal cache to base compares against)

    To better illustrate it, if you click "Run Now" on that event five times in a row you'll see each time it will say the page has changed 2% percent.

    On the right click copy - yep this was also just brought to my attention by another person who tried to copy the log, I completely didn't realize that the "RichEdit 2.0" control didn't have that built in.. weird. I'm going to to add it.
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