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    I got a great idea that will basically give Toolfish forum support. First of all, add an Action that would change the URL for the page and 2nd, add variable support that would let you add things like a counter so taking this into an example,

    There’s a forum that I goto called Now inside that there is a very popular forum and there are also "forum whores" that basically sit around and look for every chance to whore a forum. Anyway, the page ( has multiple pages, if it were just one page that kept going on and on then this program would work but because there are many then I don't think this would work. Now, I can add a search phrase and have it look for pagenumber= but then I'd have to have it alert me and I would need to add the next page to this program. On the other hand, if it found that page and then updated its own event to include (;pagenumber=2) then it would simply do the job for me and update itself to monitor the next page and so on.

    Also in addition, you could add events like a countdown to the next beta patch or a birthday etc with variable support.

    Anyway, I figured that I'd add that and if there's any time left possibly add that to the many features of this program: D

    - cneal

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    that'd be a real pain to program, and would totally lag up the program. Wild Card support may seem like a good idea, but it would probably turn out to be unstable.

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    The program has Phrase support where it will try to match a word within the code for example, bad words etc. I don't think adding some kind of variable support would lag the system. Something like a letter that could have its value changed might work.

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