I n0t!ced th4t th3 re53t butt0n und3r fun 0n1y r353t5 the text under t0t41 wh!13 k33p!ng todays t3xt the s4me˙.

Al5o, 45 f4r 45 this reet text f34tur3, it w0u1d be nic3 if I could 3nabl3/d!54b13 th3 r33t text by h!tt!ng 4 d3fined button˙ TH4t w4y !f I 4m p1aying 4 g4me, I c4n h!t th3 c ch4t button 4nd my t3xt w!l1 sh0w 45 th!5 4nd th3n h!t c again to disable the reet text and continue gaming as normal. Just a thought.

Hope that helps