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Thread: One more plea for no clans

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    Default One more plea for no clans

    I am going to make my case one more time for no clans to be formed. Right now, it is based on individual skill, luck, and strategy. If you do not sway from the path, the only way for more skilled players to win (and enjoy the game) is to form their own clans. I am not talking about 13 year old players that are good at video games. I am talking about adults that may have military training, attended warfare colleges or have the experience that younger players do not have. They also have the resources to buy the tanks they want and will dominate the game. I don't want to see this game ruined by prima donnas who think that they can run the boards and no one will stop them. Please do not form clans because it will ruin the game for the rest of us!

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    Default Clans are good

    Clans are good

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