Here is what I've written for the license, if anybody has any suggestions or problems with it, let me know now, before I actually release it.

*** Dink Smallwood Source License Information ***

Copyright © Seth A. Robinson, 1997-2003.
All rights reserved worldwide.

This software is provided "as is" without express or implied
warranties. You may freely copy and compile this source into
applications you distribute provided that the copyright text
below is included in the resulting source code, for example:
"Portions Copyright © Seth A. Robinson, 1997-2003

You may use this source in personal and commercial products, you
are not required to release the source code.

This is kind of like the zlib license but with some extra words
below to protect Dink itself from being exploited for profit.


Greetings fellow game programmer!

This is the Dink Smallwood source code, basically untouched since it was created
in 1997 except for misc (and very few) bugfixes.

I always planned to go through and renovate it myself, but as time goes on, this seems
less and less likely. I would just rather re-write then fix-up, especially when the project
is my first ever windows and C++ game...

After seeing the 250 KB .h file you are probably about to poke out your
eyes and bathe in lye to cleanse yourself.

Before doing so, let me explain a few things about this source code
as I vaguely remember it.

* dinkvar.h is shared between the editor and the main game.
* compress.c doesn't have a project, but it is the source for the util
that makes .d files from .c files.
* ffcreate is the util that packs a dirs contents into one giant file.


Use Microsoft Visual C++ 6 and open the dink.dsw. This houses all the projects. It probably
works with VC7, but it hasn't been tested.

Getting this to compile should be very easy, just make sure your DirectX paths
are added to your Tools->Options->Directories. That's pretty much all you need. Next
you'll want to check the output paths in the project setting so you can find the
.exe's that are built.

To actually test the .exe, install Dink Smallwood v1.06 and apply the 1.07 beta patch, it's about a 24 MB
file you can get from my site. (it's freeware) Just replace the dink.exe with the one you've compiled.


This source is provided "as is" and unfortunately (well, fortunately for me) I won't be able to
offer technical support on using it. If you have a question I recommend posting on my forums
somewhere, myself or someone else will most likely help out if we can. This is a much better
use of my time then answering 1-on-1 emails as the information is available to all.


I'm sure you'll be overjoyed to know that I have chosen to keep the historic value of this
source intact by choosing NOT to go through and fix the hundreds of compiler warnings,
remove the 39 instances of the word "shoot" in the code or make the code even slightly
understandable. (as if I could - It's too late for that now...)

If you are thinking about using this source for your own RPG, you are welcome to it, this is a
very open license and if you think it's easier to fix up this code, add high color, windowed
mode and whatever else than simply starting from scratch, I will humbly disagree but wish you luck.


If you want to fix bugs and release "Jeff's Dink.exe that works better", please do. If you're
updating the source for this purpose, please make it available as if it were GPL'd just so others
can work from it. Also please distribute it SEPARATELY from the official Dink archive and make it
extra clear that RTsoft or myself did not release it.

Do not somehow try to cash in on releasing a new Dink.exe like adding spyware and banner
advertising or CHARGING FOR IT. The original Dink team (myself, Justin Martin, Shawn Teal, Greg Smith)
should be credited in any such Dink engine enhancement and a link to should be included.

Do NOT use this source to release "Dink 2" or "SuperDink" or any kind of sequel to the original Dink
Smallwood. Releasing this source does not in any way release the rights to the Dink name or Dink media.
non-profit improvements to the Dink engine are ok, as listed above, otherwise, you need your own name,
story and artwork. (in which case you can charge for it and pretty much do what you want)

If you want to add multiplayer support, highcolor, etc, to Dink you may surely do so, but keep in mind
it must be free and clearly labeled a "An enhancement to the original Dink Smallwood engine" and
released as a separate add-on patch (which would probably overwrite the .exe, add some files and art,
possibly convert the map data and so forth) because no one can distribute the original media in a repacked form
without my permission.

Q. Why didn't I GPL or LGPL it?

A. It's too restrictive a license for this source to be of any use. This code isn't curing
cancer, it's somewhat antiquated, poorly written 2D RPG code.

I assume if you're spending your blood sweat and tears working on a game, you will want to
sell it at some point, and NOT be forced to release your code. At least that's how I would

Donations: If you find this source helpful in some way and use it in a product you are selling, you are
gently asked to donate a couple bucks via This cash will be used to maintain the site
and hopefully inspire me to get off my duff and release more source.

Also, if you could drop me a line letting me know what software you used it in so I can keep a list, that
would be cool.

-Seth A Robinson

************************************************** ****************************************

Dink Smallwood remains the property of RTsoft.

Please keep in mind while I'm sharing the source, I am not sharing the media, if you would like to use or
distribute the Dink Smallwood artwork, this requires express permission.