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    Default How to avoid all types of scams

    (1) Dropgames:The simplest scams anyone can avoid.If you see 2 1x2 boxes and people are dropping in the boxes.Just leave the world.
    (2)Trust Test:If you see a 1x2 box and the owner (has green name) says trust test drop items he will obviously ban you so leave the world.
    (3)Pay or Die:When there is a quiz and the owner says pay or die when you fail the question it is a scam he will ban you after you pay or at the end if the quiz.Just leave the world.
    (4)Show off your seeds:The owner tells you "fake" plant your best seed then the owner sets the world to public and steals the seed.Don't show off your seeds.
    (5)World trade no 1:The owner puts rares in blocks after you buy the world at the trade conformation screen he will break blocks.Buy worlds only from trusted people.
    (6)World trade no 2:The owner puts rares without any blocks then someone buys then owner messages his friend and he falls out of the world or goes through another door to the items.Do not buy worlds with items that are not in blocks.
    (7)World trade no 3:The owner or the owners friend is in a checkpoint that is covered by dropped blocks or items then the owner puts rares next to the checkpoint and then the scammer respawns.If you see a world that has rares and the items are covered by blocks somewhere don't buy it.
    (8)World trade no 4:The owner puts cave enternce on cave background with rares and stuff and someone goes in and takes the rares.If you see a world with rares and the items are not covered by blocks don't buy it.
    (9)Pay for access:The owner says pay for access then he bans you.If someone says pay for access it's a scam
    (10)World trade no 5: owner puts wood blocks and door above and a public secret passage with loot inside then the scammers friend jumps in.If you see this leave the world
    (11)Borrow and take:The owner lets you borrow his items if he does then you let him burrow yours and he doesn't give it back.Only let your real life friends borrow stuff.
    (12)Free Gems:You go on the internet it says something like:.Growtopia Free Gems.Then you go it asks for your username and password and how many gems you want.It will say something like the next day.Then you wake up your items are gone.Dont put your username and password on the internet.
    (13)Password Game:The owner puts his password as fjdjsjsjjsjs or something crazy.Then you guess wrong then he asks you to pay then he gives you a wrong hint.Only trust mods at games like all mods and trusted people that are well known.
    (14)Break the world:You break the world owner does not give you prize and bans you.Dont clear worlds unless you want seeds.
    (15)World trade no 6:The scammer does it by himself he jumps up in the secret passage where it's wood where nobody knows then he steals.Dont buy any worlds with dropped items.
    (16)Password Trading:Someone says I buy your password for mine scammer puts fake one and the victim puts real.Then the victim gets scammed.Never give people your password
    (17) World trade no.7:Owner puts stuff in garbage someone buys scammer breaks.Garbage is breakable
    (18)Fake Moderator Mail:A scammer mails you in are a mod we just need your username and password to confirm.Seth and a Hamumu never will need it why will you give it to anyone anyway
    To be updated evreytime I find a new scam
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