Hi everyone. I am rather new to this forum and learned about RTsoft from searching for freeware. I am a newbie programmer who in the past has mostly used tools such as Multimedia Fusion, NWN, A ScreenSaver util from nufsoft, etc., to make my stuff. However After running into limitations on them I really want to learn programming so I can make the things myself. To most people who know programming this will probably be a stupid question but where do I begin? I dloaded the Dink smallwood game and am trying my hand at learning programming from using the tutorials and such. But I would realy like to learn more. Before you recommend a college course please understand I am (thanks to the economy)currently unemployed and use the net for almost all of my learning these days heh.

I know some of the fundamentals and thought this would be a good place to ask. If its not I apologize. So what do you reccomend?

Oh! to check out what I have been able to accomplish so far please check out Digital Dreamscapes . This is my site for the screensavers I create. I was given a student copy of Visual C++ 6.0 from a friend who moved on to an updated version so I figure I can start with it.