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    I know you don't support LORD anymore, but I'm sure you still know everything about it. I'm running v4.02 on a telnet host, and I'm outputting the Player Stats and Daily News to my website. I want to put on other things such as Lays, Player Kills, and Dragon Kills, except I can't find out where they are stored. Are they only in the PLAYER.DAT files? or can I find them in an external file?

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    They are either in player.dat or playext.dat or something like that, I just remember I had two data files because I couldn't change the first one to remain compatible with IGM's.

    You would need to write (or find) a program that extracts that info, the LORD player data structures are described in the Barak's House IGM (it comes with source) I think.
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    Thank you Seth, btw, LORD kicks @$$, I'd love to chat you with you sometime about it if you have a chance (lemme know in here), if not, just giving you props on one of the best games I've ever played

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    I forgot to mention, I don't program in Pascal, so I'm using QBasic. Anyways, I found this:

    TYPE Lord_Info = RECORD
    names : STRING[20]; {player handle in the game}
    real_names : STRING[50]; {real name/or handle from BBS}
    hit_points : Integer; {player hit points}
    bad : Integer; {don't know - might not be used at all}
    rate : Integer; {again, couldn't find this one in the source}
    hit_max : Integer; {hit_point max}
    weapon_num : Integer; {weapon number}
    weapon : STRING[20]; {name of weapon}
    seen_master: Integer; {equals 5 if seen master, else 0}
    fights_left: Integer; {forest fights left}
    human_left : Integer; {human fights left}
    gold : LongInt; {gold in hand}
    bank : LongInt; {gold in bank}
    def : Integer; {total defense points }
    strength : Integer; {total strength}
    charm : Integer; {good looking meter}
    seen_dragon: Integer; {seen dragon? 5 if yes else 0}
    seen_violet: Integer; {seen violet? 5 if yes else 0}
    level : Integer; {level of player}
    time : Word; {day # that player last played on}
    arm : STRING[20]; {armour name}
    arm_num : Integer; {armour number}
    dead : ShortInt; {player dead? 5 if yes else 0}
    inn : ShortInt; {player sleeping at inn? 5 if yes else 0}
    gem : Integer; {# of gems on hand}
    exp : LongInt; {experience}
    sex : ShortInt; {gender, 5 if female else 0}
    seen_bard : ShortInt; {seen bard? 5 if yes else 0}
    last_alive_time : Integer;{day # player was last reincarnated on}
    Lays : Integer; {players lays stat}
    Why : Integer; {not used yet}
    on_now : Boolean; {is player on?}
    m_time : Integer; {day on_now stat was last used}
    time_on : STRING[5]; {time player logged on in Hour:Minutes format}
    class : ShortInt; {class, should be 1, 2 or 3}
    extra : Integer; {*NEW* If 1, player has a horse}
    love : STRING[25]; {not used - may be used for inter-player marrages later}
    married : Integer; {who player is married to, should be -1 if not married}
    kids : Integer; {# of kids}
    king : Integer; {# of times player has won game}
    skillw : ShortInt; {number of Death Knight skill points}
    skillm : ShortInt; {number of Mystical Skills points}
    skillt : ShortInt; {number of Thieving Skills points}
    levelw : ShortInt; {number of Death Knight skill uses left today}
    levelm : ShortInt; {number of Mystical skill uses left today}
    levelt : ShortInt; {number of Thieving skill uses left today}
    inn_random : Boolean; {not used yet}
    married_to : Integer; {same as Married, I think - don't know why it's here}
    v1 : LongInt; {completely undocumented in lord structs}
    v2 : Integer; {# of player kills}
    v3 : Integer; {if 5, 'wierd' event in forest will happen}
    v4 : Boolean; {has player done 'special' for that day?}
    v5 : ShortInt; {has player flirted with another player that day? if so, 5}
    new_stat1 : ShortInt; {these 3 are unused right now}
    new_stat2 : ShortInt; {Warning: Joseph's NPCLORD screws with all three}
    new_stat3 : ShortInt; {see above}

    I don't know how accurate that is, so could you confirm that for me?Also, does the booleans output as 1 and 0, or true and false? (Some programming languages vary, and I'm not sure about Pascal)
    Thanks, and if you could fill in the blanks about the unknown ones that'd be great as well.

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    Ah, I haven't seen that list in years... from what I remember, it's fairly accurate. But as I said, it's been years and years.

    If you wanted, you could probably grab Turbo Pascal for free. I think they released the older versions of it as freeware ages ago. Check out Borland's website.

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