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    As you know much progress has been made in the work on Windmere. I am posting to inquire about getting permission to use the original .3ds models to create new sprites with higher color depth. Windmere supports higher color depth, and the Windmere team would like to realease a sprite library with the new engine that utilizes its new features. If you do not have the original models that is fine because we have petioned Justin Martin for the originals, however, we require your permission before using them.
    Thankyou for your consideration.
    Drake, of the Dink Network

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    Please do not advertise or speak for us as a group. That will done by me with the group&#39;s consent.

    Seth, please do not feel pressured at all as the game content is, after all, your property (or at least is in your name). Ric has created some very nice graphics already for the release.

    And Drake, as for the "petion" for Justin, why was I never notified of this? Is the Dink Network now a conspiracy?

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    Sorry. I didn&#39;t mean to be an ass.

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    Well, no harm in asking but I believe last time Justin and I talked about it we decided to keep the art source private, basically because we might tweak it for a sequel so we&#39;d want to keep it unique to OUR game rather than compete with our own work...
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    wait a minute.. so that&#39;s how all game makers make those sprites... you just use a 3d model then take "snapshots" of it at different angles&#33;??

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    Well, then sometimes you may do some tweaking in a 2d graphics editor to make it look more like a pixel-drawn sprite rather than a 3d-model snapshot.

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