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Thread: End of game

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    I think its a lot easier than it has been advertized. Just dodge the rock mosters until you get the light sword. Then its like, 2 - 3 hits and the rock monsters are dead! and the darklands are awsome! They are all creepy and pretty easy if you are the right level. (i beat it at level 10, then got to seth at level 12) right now im stuck on seth. He is so freakin hard i just wanna pound his face into the ground! and for some reason, When you first enter the darklands, there are things saying you cant see them, ya know what im talkin bout? I can see one of em! its a girl and i hit her and she says ouch, then the other one (probably a little girl) says, "mommy, im hungry." its cool. So anyway, do you agree that the end of the game is easy? (if you are still reading)

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    what did you kill seth with? bow or sword?



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