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Thread: please,please,few questions

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    Can u please help me with few things!!!

    1.The tree in windemere that sais:I'm three years old!!,is there any use of it?

    2.Who the #### is Charly yho is selling the hause,where can I found him?

    3.this is the most important!!!
    Did u play mistery island?What am I supposed to do with the machine,I've tryed 100 things!!!!Ive talked with it,!!!!!!!nothing! !!and do you first have to kill the monsters?How?Even Dink sais :this is futile!!!!

    please help me I'll have nervous breakdown!!!

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    1. Forget about the tree, it's just trying to be funny.

    2. Forget about Charley.

    3. Use the green head with the blue machine, and solve the combination lock of colours. Run through the next 4 screens and kill droid #12, using duck magic as fast as you can.
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    1. Myeah, not of any use in the game

    2. He was gonna be in the game.. but due to a lack of development time, he never got in - so forget about him indeed.

    3. Already answered.
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