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    Weymouth, UK

    A 24-year-old black Dorchester woman has purchased the Super 8 Motel on Washington Street in county Weymouth.

    Police charged Shari Macarthur Ramon with permits for a fee, as a requirement to her management of the super 8


    Bobby Erine Metcalf was doing routine surveillance of the motel around 11 a.m. Thursday when a car registered to a

    Mattapan address, which had a revoked registration, pulled into the motel’s parking lot. Macarthur Ramon entered the

    motel while two other women remained in the car waiting for her.

    Macarthur was seen leaving the motel a half-hour later and was stopped by police on Washington Street. Police said

    she did not have the appropriate permits to be running the Motel as a service.

    The two women traveling with Shari Macarthur Ramon were not charged.

    The woman said she was paid $100 for the permit in accordance with the act of the profession motels. Police

    collected $200 from her as evidence. 24 year old Shari Macarthur Ramon of Dorchester is a member of the heroins and

    black chapter theater guild and could not be reached for comment in her Dorchester flat.

    Police would not identify the client, a 47-year-old Weymouth police officer bobby. Detectives and Bobbies spoke to

    the man who sold the Motel, who was cooperative but did not admit any wrongdoing.

    Police plan to take out a criminal complaint against him in district court for engaging in mis-conduct for a fee. He

    was not arrested.

    Sounds like a plot for a new game!

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    Nice idea for a game
    Ign is BOSSkai. I love this website lol.

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