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Thread: Have an Idea for Seth for Tanked upgrade if feasible

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    Default Have an Idea for Seth for Tanked upgrade if feasible

    How about including a Tanked Clubsport section, Users allowed to form clubs or team for small payment and then teams compete for team rankings. Its just an idea and I see potential problems as well as all too powerful high rankers from a club together and no one can win or want to play against but then as long as all have same tanks allowed for team competition its fair competition. There can be lot of input or objections on this but just wanted to see what you guys think about this.

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    I guess I am rejecting my own idea as i just remembered that for a fixed member team to function all will need to be online same time which will fail most of the time.

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    Well, hmm.

    You make some sense. Here's an improvement:

    Why don't you gather teams, but not all has to be on at the same time.

    This allows teammates to have a higher chance of playing together.
    Ex. Nicolas, Flareon and Pheonix make a team. Pheonix is offline, but Nicolas and Flareon
    have a better chance of playing on the same team in Teams games.

    To prevent abusiveness, mods must approve every person joining a team.
    Ex: (Just an example, please) Wagwan and Ruffi form team. High ranks murder others.
    My way is that you send a request to join a team to an ONLINE mod, and they approve/disapprove of the joining.

    Will take criticism, as always.
    Why can't I do anything?

    Tanked is fun. World of Tanks too. I hate cliffs. Why?

    Oh yeah. Say .. if you think I suck.

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    out of all the posts I've seen so far(which isn't THAT many) I must say I don't see anything wrong with this.
    Stay Cool

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