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    I have Webshots installed on my computer and have experienced this odd problem with Dragon Scroll. This is in Windows XP.

    Webshots has an alert message that pops up on the task bar once a day. If I don't click on the alert message and then start playing Dragon Scroll, the Webshots camera icon will show through the game window. I'll be playing the game and then get the flicker and flash of this icon on the game screen.

    The only way to fix it is to physically close the game out, click on the alert to acknowledge it, and then reopen the game. Otherwise, as I play the game, I'll continue to see the camera flickering through the game window. Evidently, there's some kind of conflict between the two programs.

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    Hmm, strange. A work around you can do without quitting is probably to click options (you can do this from within a game) and switch to windowed mode, then back to full screen. Or alt-tabbing out to windows would probablt work too.

    Alt-ENTER is the short cut to toggle window/fullscreen mode so that would probably work too.
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