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Sorry, what?
I had initially posted a bug fix, but then realized there were issues with the bug fix. The bug is that sometimes the values in box can create an access past the end of a texture. With a scale value of 25% and a width and height of 192 and 160, (CL_Rect) box was getting set with a width of 48 and a height of 41.

Here's the final fix I came up with for render_sprite_scale bug:

In CL_PixelCommandSprite::render_sprite_scale, insert the following code snippet before the first for loop:
	while (dy * context->samplers[sampler].size.height * height >= context->samplers[sampler].size.height)
and replace the for loop with:
	for (int y = box.top + skip_lines; y < box.top + height; y+=context->num_cores)
The same thing might need to be done for the width, and the code would need to be placed in the other scale functions.