Seth... once again I have to bow lowly to you...

I cannot begin to tell you how much ive loved your games in the past... although your new ones here lately do seem a little differant if they are made by you they must be good. Im gonna have to buy these here soon :P

but yea, im an old LORD/that space game you made that i forgot the name of for bbs's player... that and Dink..

But yeah I know you sold the old bbs games.. Tis a shame, to this day I honestly cannot say ive played any MMO's that had the Medieval RP feel LORD did... and even the highly Graphical ones... they dont hold a candle... Everquest in my opinion is trash compared to it.

Take it easy Seth,
Just Wanted to Give a little Praise to my all time favorite solo game programmer even above Steve Moraff :P Take it easy ^^